Ferguson's Night Fright Book

A children's storybook, "Ferguson's Night Fright".

Ferguson's Night Fright is a children's story book with two small characters, a New Zealand fantail and a New Zealand morepork owl. Ferguson the fantail meets Millie the morepork and tells her that he is frightened of the dark. Millie shows Ferguson that it's really not that scary and teaches him about the night. It's a little tale of new friendship and trust.

The idea to create a children's story book came from a culmination of ideas and drawings. Ferguson's Night Fright is written by Mel Isaacson and Natalie Morrell, with illustrations by Natalie Morrell.

The book features handdrawn characters, digitally painted watercolour. The book is 32 pages. 23cm x 23cm.

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Ferguson and Millie

Ferguson's Night Fright - book sample 2

Ferguson's Night Fright - book sample 3