Ferguson's Night Fright Book

The Process

The idea to create a children’s story book came from a culmination of ideas and drawings by Natalie Morrell.
Many years ago, back at University, she had a dream to one day publish a children’s book. Fast forward about 6 years later, with the encouragement of close friends and family, the dream to create a book was set in motion.
This story grew out of an assorted collection of sketches of birds that just kept popping up on pages!

The preliminary drawings and an idea for the storyline were already in place by Natalie and then the help of the amazing Melissa Isaacson was brought in, part way through to help “flesh” up the story and get it rhyming.
It’s a very long and fluid process which involves a few drafts of both story and illustrations.

The story was drafted a few times before we nailed the one that we were both happy with. Once the story was set, the rest of the illustrations could be developed. An illustration begins as a pencil sketch, which is then outlined in fine point pen and/or Sharpie before it gets scanned in to be coloured. Colouring is a digital process, using watercolour style 'brushes' to complete the look and feel of each page. When an illustration is ready, the text of the story is laid over top in a different editing programme.

With Natalie having a few key skills already in the design and print industry, meant that the process of putting the illustrations, words and book together as a complete project ready for printing.

The enitre book is laid up as pages, which are then outputted as PDF files, ready to send on to the printer who does all the behind the scenes magic, prints it out onto some lovely paper to bind into a book.

Ferguson and Millie

Ferguson's Night Fright - book sample 3